Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poll (please fill out)

Hi guys! I'm making a poll for my album magazine (under construction) so if you don't mind:


  1. designer labels ...
    @joanne1305 and @filipa :
    i want be an writer please !! i have already a blog " " and i want to be an writer here please please !! tell me if you ant i wait your answer

  2. I chose rich colours too!!! xD

  3. I NEED MANAGERS FOR MY CLUB AND ALSO WRITERS/INFORMATION SEARCHERS PEOPLE FOR MY ALBUM... I know it sounds tacky about the album thing, but I would definitely need some people who can probably make a paragraph about a certain topic.... Just tell me in my GB If you're interested!! :D

  4. I voted carditgan!!! I was right... :)