Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Eurovision is in europe,i am so sorry,next time i will put something diffrent for all continests
So i made contest only for fun
Every week ( or day,you choose) i will make contests ( winner can choose if she/he want interwiev on this blog)
So this week is about eurovisions
1.) Who won this year?
2.) Who get 7th place 2009 ?
3.) Where was eurovision in 2008?
4.) Who won 2nd place 2009,2008 and 2010?
5.) who won 7th and 8th place 2009 ?
6.) Write at least 5 your favourite songs from eurovisions :)


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  2. That's cooll...
    Im confused but how 2 do it..

  3. Hehe, what is Eurovision?
    Is that a band or a star or something? lol

  4. 1. lena meyer-satellite (germany)
    2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    3. Serbia
    4. Azerbaijan , Ukraine , Turkey .
    5. Bosnia and Herzegovina , Rusija .
    6. Inga ir Anush - Jan jan (Armenia)
    maNga - We could be the same (Turkey)
    Paula Seling ir Ovi - Playing with fire (Romania)
    Jessy Matador - Allez ola olé (France)
    Sopho Nizharadze - Shine (Georgia)

    I think that is all :)
    I am happy12372 :D

  5. @chocolatofreak: Actually eurovision is a singing competition only in the european countries. That's why its called EURO- vision.
    For more info u can google it or search it in wiki.
    Hope i helped :)

  6. 1.Germany (Lena-Satellite)
    2.Bosnia & Herzegovina (Regina-Bistra voda)
    3.It was in Serbia (Belgrade)
    4.2008.=Ukraine(Ani Lorak-Shady Lady )
    2009.=Iceland (Johanna-Is it true)
    2010.=Turkey(Manga-We could be the same)
    5.7th place was Bosnia and Herzegovina (Regina-Bistra voda) and 8th place was Russia (Anastasiya-Mama)
    Abba-Waterloo (in 1974)
    Marija Serifovic-Molitva (in 2007)
    Magazin-Nostalgija (in 1995)
    Tose Proeski-Life (in 2004)
    Dima Bilan-Never let you go (in 2006)