Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clever Stardoll!


A little question:

Have you seen something like THIS before? A great offer! You get stardollars, a little star around your picture, and all the other possibilities as a ss!
But really, how can you say no?

Here stardoll was clever.
Here are some of the NEW rules from Stardoll! (Pictures thanks to:

you can see in the red box, that they can ask us for our mobile and home phone number!

And here in the last box, it says that they have the right to keep every info about you. This really makes me more careful!
So as soon as you enter your mobile number, they get to keep it. F.O.R.E.V.E.R.!

So, I simply wont do it :(

Oh well...

P.S. Give in your ideas for the Celeb-Look-A-Like's NOW!


Hello beautiful people! Today I opened my inbox and got this invite from my friend Amanda (LadyGagaMcQueen):
*Click to enlarge*
 Here is the link to her blog:
The blog has become very successful over the last few months, and I think it could really become big! 
Will you be attending? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stardoll App!


You might have all heard already of the first app for iphone from stardoll!

Now as you can see they have launched the 2nd version!

I think it is avalible for iPad iPod Touch and iPhone!

You can get it for sure at the apple app store!
So, will you download?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free shoes

Go to:

In the blank box paste this link:

After is loads, log in to stardoll and change in the link the VIEW by FINISH, and that’s it! Hope you get it!

XOXO sarinis98

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello everyone, we have good news Stardoll had asnwer me, i did translate to english because they asnwer me in portuguese. Below you can see what they told me.

Hello filipinhamaria,
Thank you for contacting us.

Thank you for contacting us regarding the new terms of use.

Under the new terms of membership, you can continue to
post pictures and stuff on his blog, provided that their use is not
malicious. The same applies to assemblies and spoilers.

If you have any questions or something in which we can help you, not
hesitate to contact us again.

The Stardoll Staff

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Terms of use

Hello dear readers! We can finaly take a deep breath. We can still post and write about stardoll.

Check it out:

Saturday, April 16, 2011



On comments a follower call StardollzVogue spoke about a friend's of mine blog that also wrote to Stardoll asking about Rule Nº 9. It seems i wasn't the only person to have doubts about this Rule. Stardoll has asnwer already and we have good news. Below there is a link to my friend blog.

The blog is:

So we still can write about Stardoll and i will wait for them asnwer so i don't have any doubt at all.


Stardoll change rules so i read rule Nº9 and im concern. Im going to write to Stardoll to ask what this rule really means. I already read several times, show my parents and they said only a Laywer can explain well this rule. So from today any writer can't write posts about Stardoll on my blog. If you write i will delete and you will be banned as a writer from my blog. I want to be sure we still can post and write about Stardoll and what happaned in Stardoll. I hope all the writers underestand and respect my decison Everyone knows that i always put safety in first place, so i will made another post when Stardoll asnwer me. I also ask my father to ask a Laywer about rule Nº9 because it has legal terms and only Laywers do underestand. I hope ours followers underestand my decision. I will still do comps on my club VIP-DOLLS so look on my club. I will soon post new comps.I did wrote to Stardoll so im waiting for their asnwer, below you can see what i ask them.

Dear Stardoll Staff,
I read and acept the new Rules but there was a rule that i have doubts in underestand what is written. The rule i speak is Rule Nº 9 .
Below you can see the Rule:

9. Rights to Stardoll's material

You may not use Stardoll's dolls, clothes, information, data, names, pictures, logotypes or icons from Stardoll's website (we call these “Stardoll's Material”) if it is not clear from the website that this is permitted. This means that you can not copy, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, send or otherwise circulate Stardoll's Material to another person without the written consent of Stardoll. Nor may you change, revise or replace any of the Material found on the website, either in its entirety or parts thereof.

When i read this Rule it seems we can no longer publish or write anything about Stardoll, like new superstars dolls, spoilers, Stardoll comps or even in my case i create a blog last year about Stardoll that is call:

So am i allow to have the name i had choose to my blog?
can we write about Stardoll as we used to write?
I also ask my parents about the new rules and they say it has legal terms so only a laywer can explain well. I always put safety in first place thats why im writing to Stardoll Staff to clear my doubts. In my opinion i like the new rules because i think the site will be more safe but i have this doubts about Rule Nº 9. So please help and asnwer me soon so i know and underestand this rule.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spoiler time!

Hello everyone! It’s confirmed that it will be a new colection of animals in the store pêt-à-porter. This time they choose wild/exotic animals. (:

What do you think?

I love them ! They are so cute ! *-*

XOXO sarinis98

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Pass!


Here I am with news, a new offer (just as for every bigger celebration...) the Easter Pass!

Here are the 9 gifts! (according to some items are from Perfect Day shop!)

Will you get it?
Do you like this offer?

Which one until now was the best and your favourite offer? Mine was personally the christmas one, as it was 2 months, 400 stardollars, AND nice gifts! Which was yours?

Pallie xox

New stardoll - Soasie Roam

Hello everyone! Stardoll has released a new stardoll. (: Her name is Saosie Roman. Unfortunately I made a research on google and I didn’t find anything. ): No information, no images, no nothing. But stardoll put her on the part of actresses, so we know she’s an actress.

What do you think of her? Have you heard of her before?

XOXO sarinis98

Wizards of Waverly Place Spoilers?


When I first saw the spoilers of today (look at Sarinis98's post) I noticed, as a true Wizards of Waverly Place fan, that there are some items like in the series!

Here you see it a bit more to look like the set!

The lockers are now where the tomb-shelf used to be!

What do you think?

A store?
A competition prize (but isnt it to much for that?)

Tell me in comments!
Pallie xoox

Free blouse

Go to:

In the blank box paste this link:

After is loads, log in to stardoll and change in the link the VIEW by FINISH, and that’s it! Hope you get it!

XOXO sarinis98

Spoiler time!

Hi! Today I bring you some spoilers.

The rumor is that the spoilers of clothes are for a new floor of the store: windows around the world. (:

What do you think?

kisses ;*

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today i judge Non-Superstar Best Room Comp. I saw all entries and i like very much this room because the winner only had been superstar the day that Stardoll give for free when we join Stardoll. In my opinion, he did create a beautifull room almost with notin, he has good taste and mix things very well.

The Winner is:



The winner will receive 135 stardollars and will be superstar

Hot Buys Arm Bracelet (12/04/2011)

Hello my dear readers! Stardoll has released the new Hot Buys! It’s a bracelet, of the store Voile, just for SS (as always) and it coasts 8 stardollars. In my opinion it’s gorgeous! I will probably going to buy it. And you, are you gonna buy it?

Real version:

What do you think?

kisses ;*

New Stores

Hey Everyone!

Today, i will talk about 2 stores, and some other stuff ;)

First of all there is the new store called: Perfect Day. It is inspired by the wedding of Prince William of England and Kate Middleton. I like the dresses, but they are sadly only for superstar! The headresses are mostly non-ss so thats pretty good! There are some interior items as well!

Here is the couple in real life:

Then there is a new store called: PIX. Its kind of a rip-off. 50 stardollars, for 100 images extra space on your camera?

What do you think?

There are some effects as well.

Now, maybe you remember me doing something like this,
but I am going to do it again!

I will make outfits looking like outfits of your favourite celebrities so that you can look like them!

Please write in coments:
1. Which Celebrity
2. If I should do make-up, outfit, or both!

Pallie xox

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free shoes

Go to:

In the blank box paste this link:

After is loads, log in to stardoll and change in the link the VIEW by FINISH, and that’s it! Hope you get it!

XOXO sarinis98

Free sunglasses

Go to:

In the blank box paste this link:

After is loads, log in to stardoll and change in the link the VIEW by FINISH, and that’s it! Hope you get it!

XOXO sarinis98

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Finally i had time to judge Best Scenery Comp and i like this scenery a lot because is creative and very beautifull.

The winner is:



She will receive a prize of 135 stardollars

Friday, April 8, 2011

New items - Epiphany

Hello dear readers! The store (Epiphany) has released new items and this time they are cheaper and some are even for NON SUPERSTARS! I think they are really pretty and sophisticated.

Here they are:

What do you think?

XOXO sarinis98

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Want to be a model?!

Want to be a model?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hands in Beauty Parlor- and update to my last post!

Hi again!

Now that thing I said before in my last post about the glitch with the one hand, ISNT a glitch. Its just for starplazas sake!

This is what it is like in Beauty Parlor!

(under the face, and body, and jewellery , etc. sections it says hands or nails- i cant remember!)

This is the longest verion for your nails!


And small/normal

To change use this button here!

COming to think of it, what is the point of  making these nails? I mean i really like the idea, but on our medoll you can only see our thumb anyway... and not even that clearly! What do YOU think?

Pallie xox