Tuesday, August 31, 2010

999 Starpoints

I've been counting the days until I'd get 1000 starpoints, and thought today would be the day.... Eh, not. But, the weird thing about my number right now, is its 999! Wanna know why?

For 1.
Tomorrow is the first of September (at least in the United States ☺) (The month is #9)

For 2.
All the digits are the same! Hehee


P.S. Stardoll added a new floor of LE clothing. Personally, I won't be buying because the styles aren't for me.


  1. lol [:

    I just got my reward for 4500 today [: a unicorn and wings!

  2. hehe I hated that I had 1999 and I wanted 2000 so badly!
    congratz to both!