Thursday, August 19, 2010

identiTee shop

I have axpected much more from the identiTee shop!
the second batch of clothing have the smiley icons you can use when you post in a club etc. they are too simple i think! But they did a mens jacket in the first batch at least :)
what do you think?



  1. I don't Like them very...they are too simpLe..;)

  2. I loove them! They are very easy to make on design , but since I'm not talented, I prefer buying them..They are anyeway very cheap..

  3. Well isn't like I'd wear any of them, but i think on a way they're so cute. ^^
    And really so cheap, and a lot non ss, and non ss's are always saying they want more things, so guess it's for them. ^^
    And even to design them costs more. =/

  4. @Pallie.25 : Yes..I think Pip_lover_anin did..Just without a picture :S

  5. avril1894; its really worthed for non superstars because to earn their five they can spent it on two tops of 2 dollars and together 2x2=4.