Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just to catch up

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been busy with many requests and guestbook comments. Heheee

Anyways, I'm glad to be back, and coming with a bunch of designer surprises in September! (Oh, and if all superstars could buy my designs, that would be extraordinary)

I know Pallie updated you with Miss Stardoll World, and it seems perfect for all those unknown to be known! Do you want to be crowned MSW? I'm pretty sure everyone does, and, I bet Stardoll will be very wise with there choosing. The comp ends in December and the crowned champ will be MSW.

Another, is Limited Edition. I think this collection is over, but, who knows. Its very likely for it to come back, but of course like Chanel Tribute I'm guessing won't be back. But, maybe one day.

Just another update. I feel soo bad for Summer-Muffin. She worked so hard to become on the hot designer's list, and, now, she's gone after just a couple of weeks. I really dream of this position, which, I hope I will accomplish one day!

Well, that's it for now, see ya.



  1. Avril1894:YAy first one to comment!!It`s a long time to end in december!!!

  2. poor summer muffin, and yes it takes AGES until september, they probs want everyone to STAY on stardoll, so that they dont leave cause its getting boring! Please follow my new blog: it is VERY new, and im sorry its not THAT great yet, but I would love you to follow and there is a writers comp!

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  4. LE is over? o.O Omg too bad. I hope it will maybe come back one day.
    And yes, I would like to be MSW, I mean, who wouldn't? But too bad my country (Serbia)can't participate...

  5. Yes Sorry Summer Muffin.
    L.E? That's A True Shame Though It Makes The Collection Worth Lots More. Or Maybe Not?

  6. Sorry for summer-Muffin and for LE..xD :((
    and who wouldn't love to be MSW ??
    I mean a ss membership for 1 year..OMG...but my country can't particiate :(

  7. well stardoll says that other countries can join but later ( in october,i think)
    and i feel bad for summer-muffin but that's is stardoll and she have her fame ( she was album,scenery,covergirl and designer winner) but i hope she will again be 1st

  8. @everyone that can't participate in MSW there will be a separate one, you can still join. It is just that stardoll is choosing them by HAND so think about if 1 million membres from each country would entre, 18 are allowed to be in anyway, so they already have to check like 18 million suites! there are 195 countries on earth. So they should check 195 million suites? Not possible

  9. For LE : Why are they over? I think that they'll come in autumn :)