Friday, August 27, 2010

New ''cheap'' shop

Hello everyone :) There is new shop called ''Stardoll and the city''
It's expenisve store.30 stardollars for the dress? And,of course it's for ss
So here are some pictures of the dresses
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  1. "Stardoll in The City"
    ahaha. lol.

    Well, since it was supposed to be "Sex and The City", I don't think it's really fair for Stardoll to like do that. We should like at least be allowed to write the word, "sex" on Stardoll too then. Know what I mean? lol

    Bc sometimes I want to write "sexy" or something, but I'm afraid of getting reported :/

    Anyways, I like the clothes lol.
    But I don't know if I'll be buying any bc its too expensive :/

  2. Really expensive :O Nothing under 10 $ ! :S

  3. 1.i hate sex nd the city
    2.i luv the clothes they wear though
    5. why is stardoll depriving me of these awesome clothes they're so expensive!!

  4. I really like some of the clothes, but it's SO expensive.