Monday, August 23, 2010


Do you want to look like Miley Cyrus?
well then I found out how to look like her!
and the best is: its all NON ss!
This is how to get the things:
Girl power dress: go to FOLK and 3rd Page
Shania Hat: VOILE  and 4th Page
Belt: STARDOLL and 5th Page
Skinny Trousers: FALLEN ANGEL and 4th Page(for non ss first item top row, and if ss want to buy something more shiny the one next to)
Golden high heels: 
for this item go to SEARCH, 
this is what to search: yellow and shoes, first page. The shop name is: SHREK, so you cant get it anywhere else.

hope you have fun!
Palle xoxo
P.S: if you want to know how to dress up as your favourite (female) celebrity tell me in the comments!


  1. i want dress like kety perry thinking of you

  2. ok, I will see if I can find something :D

  3. wow.. Thanks :D..
    But I don't wanna look like Miley Cyrus ;P...
    I'm sure you'll publish and more Look like [:

  4. @lady_sudy yes I am thinking of that!
    @selena.g.65 I tried to find some pictures, but it is very hard! Ill keep looking
    @everyone if u want your fav. celeb up here tell me!!!

  5. Wow! It looks the same! P.s. did u watch the new Miley Cyrus movie? XD

  6. oh i like it thnks for the steps cause i love miley cyrus a lot !!!!!! i want be the hot follower of the day joanne please i want be be a writer too please XD i have a lot of ideas please!!!

  7. @sa...gataki which one?
    and your welcome :D