Sunday, September 25, 2011

Non-Superstar Savvy

As decades go by, the blogs you love become forgotten...

So what seems forever has passed us by, and I haven't posted in forever! I appologize for that, but what brings me up to my latest post, a fabulous medoll, that deserves more than recognition!

 TheLastBlueMoon truly has a spectacular look! I'm very thrilled that we actually have very unique non-superstars, who in some cases have more creative suites than some superstars (now, I'm not saying that if you are superstar, you don't have creativity, because I know you do!)!

Now, the main focus I am showing you is her amazing presentation!

To view her whole page, click HERE!
Do you have a great presentation that you'd like featured, or are you a very creative savvy non-superstar that deserves to be featured? Comment below!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Broadcast Too Busy!

Hey :)

When I clicked on broadcast today.. i got this:

(click to enlarge)

I guess MSW is making this happen!

What do you think?



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Do you like it?

Will you buy it?