Friday, August 13, 2010

Visit, Visit, Visit!!!

I want to share my permanent blog with you guys, that I hope YOU will follow. I worked very hard on it, and I hope you'll really enjoy it.

Its called:

Stardoll Sister, which, I hope will be like a sister to you!

Here's the link:

And, I promise I will be active on that blog, along with this one!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and I'm looking for writers on the blog too, so go to the page, Become a writer, and, comment on it!

Its co-owned with my sis, Boogiefever02
so be sure to visit her suite too! FOLLOW!


  1. I luv all of your blogssss...I just luv ittt!!!

  2. ok, I will see later, I follow like so many blogs :)

  3. I've alerdy followed it...but theres a comp. going on..about the writers comp. I wana mail her..but whats her mail??? I mean like is it hotmail?

  4. @glitterglamo5 Her mail is

  5. @amanna-thnx alot...I've mailed her.. :-D

  6. wow it seems really interesting! :D

  7. I'll follow for sure..thanks to telling uS..;)