Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hey! For all muslims it is now Ramadan! Stardoll is supporting this, which I think is great cause they have that for Christmas as well right?!

To know more about RAMADAN click the word!(wikipedia)
That's the calender!
There is even a club!
Click HERE to go there!

Pallie xoxo


  1. ramadan karim for all the musulman

  2. That's good for muslim people. By the way, I am not muslim

  3. happy ramadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i'm so happy :D we don't eat now until 7.16 o'clock XD then we eat aloooooooooooooooooooooot yam yam XD
    soory i'm so happy

  4. @selena.g.65 eventhough i am not a muslim(im christian) I love the idea :) but aren't you tired because if you eat at night and then you cant sleep how do you then do that on the next day?(sorry if im rude, I just think its interesting)

  5. @palli.25eeh yes we don't eat 30 or 29 days the god did that for felling like people who don't eat " sud Africa ..." but we are not tired and the new flag of germany say when you don't eat this month the stomach comfortable for a good path
    @all see what i find in the club of ramadan :O
    please signal it :O

  6. @selena.g.65 OMG! That is NOT possible! Not in the RAMADAN club! REPORT THEM! I will have to post this, thanks :)

    Happy Ramadan

  7. i love so mutch ramadan me i'm musulman
    ramadan moubarak said or happy ramadan for all peaple musulmans and not-musulman =)

  8. Im not a muslim...but an indian...Im living in a arab contry called kuwait...Its ramadan here now...and our skool is gonna start on 18th sept.

  9. I had summer holidays from 16th june till 18th sept. its soo boring...

  10. @glitterglam05 still lucky....
    @selena.g.65 I cant find it anyway now :)

  11. I am not a Muslim ,but I respect other religions.. This backgound is beautiful...

  12. I think this calendar is so beautiful. ^^
    And Happy Ramadan, even if I'm not a muslim, well don't even got a religion. ~

  13. awww!
    stardoll is so sweet!
    Happy Ramadan!