Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spotlight on: lipstick magazine

Lipstick magazine is making a come back! It was founded by Miss_LolitaF and Filipinhamaria, but has now switched owners. the team is as follows:


1. Lizs
1. Vinnie99
Graphic designers:
1. Lizs
2. ForeverGorgeous
Make-up Artist:
1. Starcathie
1. Lizs
2. Vinnie99
3. Mosky-Magazine
4. Elite-girl
Ideas and Suggestions:
1. AbiiBabeh..x

Today Lipstick released a spoiler of the cover of the first come back issue:

It looks very promising, and that is why it has captured the spotlight of the week!
you can see the blog here:

If you have a suite, medoll, scenery, album, project or magazine that you think deserves to be in the spotlight tell me in the comments and I'll go take a look at it!

x Lia


  1. Cool!! Can I be hot follower of the day?? I just became SS!! Please and go to my starbazaar!

  2. thank you and i hope you'll visit mine medoll..;)
    xoxo Shiny1397

  3. I love the spoiler! It looks great!
    And, I have a magazine that was released like a week ago (first issue).
    If maybe you could go and check it out here:

    Thanks! :)

  4. please visit: