Monday, August 30, 2010

Stardoll Disappoints again !

Okay so yesterday i ran for scenery spent a lot of money as yous can see today
i found out i didn't even place !
Toffy_95 spent a lot more than me and only came 5th ??
Its so not fair only Top designers and Catwalk models win things!
I think its sick personally :(
I cried for like 5 minutes today :(
Everyone says that my scenery was way better than the winners :/
Btw the winner of scenery won cg and scenery was because she was on top
catwalk no that is not fair :(
Click images to enlarge !
Personally i think save your money !
don't waste it unless your sure your gonna win !
Instead try make your club bigger or make your suite better !


  1. I think your scenery is amazing and I will tell people to vote even if you are not running.

  2. Omg, i can't believe it , i voted for you though , you should totally win :( , good luck next time ...

  3. Your scenery was so much better! CANNOT BELIEVE SHE WON!

  4. ugh! Even I can make a scenery like hers! poor you, I will vote for you today. so unfair :(

  5. I'm really soorry.. I voted your scenery and I was hoping that your scenery will win. But today we all saw that ^^.. :O And yeah, it is unfair, we all know that.

  6. Yeah I know its so unfair! When I run for CG i came 5th.. And the girl that came first that day was not even in catwalk and not in designers list.. A total stranger! I am not broadcasting again!

  7. that is so unfair!!..>.< i voted all of ur scenaryes.;))
    p.s. i went to ur beauty parlor so i hope you like it..;D--->
    xoxo shiny1397

  8. ooh blahm3 i'm so sorry for you yesterday i voted for you but the winner is the cover girl of yesterday :( so sorry

  9. D: I voted youu.. I said : I wish you luck..
    okey.. next time I'll say I wish you no luck..
    Amanda don't be sad.. you'r scenery is 100times better than her.. and you're famous..
    I know you just need little bit votes ;P

  10. Urgh that is SO unfair. Your scenery totally OWNS the winners one. =/ It's really unfair the way that people vote now - just for the same people, it's like give other people a chance stardoll. =[
    I hope you win some other time.