Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spotlight on: Twins18

This week the spotlight is on twins18 for her AMAZING suite! Seriously all of her rooms are fantastic.

Here are my 3 favorite rooms:click image to enlarge

I found out about her because she is nominated for the Gloss Awards (owned by Shakira_Avril)

To see her entire suite (and visit her page) click HERE

Do you think you have what it takes to capture next weeks spotlight? It could be for scenery, suite, club, project or magazine. If so tell me in the comments!

On a side note I am thinking about doing a segment on make-up tips. What do you think? If I did do a segment which type of make-up would you want me to do first? The Basics, The details, Celebrity style make-up, themed make-up (fall, Christmas...etc) or real life make-up?


  1. I know her!
    We used to talk like all of the time. lol.
    But then the stupid stardoll makeover happened and it never told me when ppl replied to my gb's comments, thru my "notifications" thing.
    So I lost track of everyone I talked to :/

    Then Stardoll fixed the problem and told me when ppl replied. But then I kept forgeting to talk to her :(

    But now I remember lol (:

    I'll talk to her tomorrow bc I have to go take a shower now and I just logged off. lol.

    Good night everyone (:

    But yessh, I love her suite and album and stuff.
    She is super duper creative at everything she does

  2. Wow! I love her suite :)

    P.s. for the make up segment it would be great! I am a manager at Makeovers.Club and i give makeovers so..I'd really like to see new methods for make up :P

  3. twins18 ? she is my best friend look at her best friends an mine too :D i will tell her :D so happy for her

  4. I'm Denali1996 on stardoll, and I hope that I have what it takes with my sceneries!!! Please check them out and tell me what you think!

  5. I like those 3 rooms the best aswell. They're beautifully done. =]

  6. YAYYYY!! I love Janin! She's always been so creative with her suite, her album, her sceneries and her styleee!(:

  7. OMG! :D thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments and especially thanks to liajm for featuring my suite! I'm so happy :D

  8. Beautiful! But I like the suite from Chouchou77 the most. :)