Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hello :) Sorry for not posting much
So i was in most popular clubs ( Fashionista)
and in one topic i saw some site ( or group) called 4chan
And ( allmost) all topic were 4chan is comming etc..
And some people say that 4chan i gonna be on stardoll and hack every doll
I don't belive in it :) Do you belive in it ?


  1. Yeah, everyone in APG was freaking out too yesterday.

    It seems really silly and I didn't believe it, but I was still kinda worried lol.

    Everyone was like changing all their info and making themselves look like noobs. And everyone was planning on not logging on stardoll for a couple of days lol.

    I was gonna do that part too, but then my sister went on today and said that everything is alright and she said that someone said it was like a joke or something.

    I dunno lol, I'm about to log on right now lol.

  2. yeah well,mabye it's a joke :) i agree with you

  3. I don't know what is 4chan anyway... :S

  4. It sounds fake... I mean, how could they do hack someone? Stardoll is working on safety, so i don't think they will hack :D
    and what is 4chan? :D
    and yeah i agree that maybe just some freak who got no life posted it as a silly joke. he got no sense of humor, lol

  5. It's so fake you guys!! You can tell because I don't think Stardoll would let that happen anyways.. they would do something about really quickly... And besides that's kind of impossible... BTW I NEED MANAGERS FOR MY CLUB AND ALSO WRITERS/INFORMATION SEARCHERS PEOPLE FOR MY ALBUM... I know it sounds tacky about the album thing, but I would definitely need some people who can probably make a paragraph about a certain topic.... Just tell me in my GB If you're interested!! :D

  6. i saw the old things in blog it is a great blog really

  7. I made this myself... I was inspired by Joanne!!
    It is amateur, i know, but I still tried!!!

  8. @superstarkaren4 and @gituks12 it IS possible. All you do is: find out what the employee code is( I watched this link sometime ago cause I was shocked...:<-- DO NOT ever give someone like that your password! They are hackers too! But anyway with THAT employee code all the REAL staffe use it, you can simply delete clubs, edit the magazine, search members.... etc. etc. I dont think it still works with new stardoll, but who knows?!

  9. I was asleep/at school when this drama happened

  10. i don't believe it, unless you gave your password or change your e-mail, you can be hack.

  11. @Pallie.25 I saw that too!!! It also said that it only worked for SS... Isn't that weird...

  12. I agree with joanne1305
    I don't belive it!