Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Member from 2004 ? truth or lies ?

This is one of the most weirdest things i have EVER seen

I seen members who have joined in 2006 and even 2005
But this is crazy
Ape a Male from Finland joined in 2004 ??
I didn't know stardoll was open so early ??
Is this true or admin playing tricks ?
If anyone can find someone who joined at an earlier date plz state in comments.
Any thoughts ?
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  1. I'd say its a lie haha. lol.
    I heard that Stardoll started in 2005.

  2. Yeah, I aggre with chocolatofreak xx ;)

    Please vissit and follow... :)

  3. Its not a lie go visit him/her yourself :)

  4. @blahm3 i fond ho join in 2003 :O

  5. i found from 2002!!!

    skye87 is the name!

  6. well, i'm pretty sure that stardoll was founded on 2004.

    eldsjal (2005) user id- 2
    callie.stardoll (2006) user id- 1

    i'm confused!

    well callie's id is 1 but she joined the sd in 2006 & eldsjal id is 2 but he joined the sd in 2005. (before callie)

    so it's really hard to tell u that
    Who is the first member of sd?

    well, now i think we have to leave this. bcoz it's really confusing me & i'm sure that it also confused u all.
    so it's better to leave it. huh!


  7. m.. i have a list of many members who joined sd in 2006
    priyankastar (our writer) (2006)
    MIKAEL (2005)
    MIKEN (2005)
    FRIAZ (2004)

    & much more.............

  8. manyy of member has joined stardoll on 2004 2005 2002

  9. der was a member from 2002 !!
    i'll write her name

  10. Hey guys.. Do u believe that SD staff is Swedish?? CAuse in contact us the adress is in Sweden..

  11. @Blahm3 : I found out something more! I was doing a research about Stardoll Hisotry and it's first members ! Please Blahm3 look at this : http://stardolldiscover.blogspot.com/p/stardoll-research.html.. I even wrote to Stardoll Staff ! And I think it is possible! Stardoll was opened in 2004!

  12. Ehh.. Look, to those who think it's a lie, I think you're wrong, and no offence please :)
    I have looked for information, and Stardoll was actually launched in 2004, and it each month, it achieved 200 thousand members; so it is absolutely possible to have this member joining in 2004.

  13. http://stardollunlimited.blogspot.com/ please visit