Monday, August 23, 2010

trick no-2

today i will show you how to make a "dinner table"

here it goes.....

(click on the picture to enlarge it)
how do i get the things required to make it? ("> "signifies go to)
for the black box-suite shop>search>storage>search>1st page.
for the chairs-suite shop>search>chairs>search>3rd page .

>you can add any chair you wish.
>can add a carpet down to make it look awesome.
>and even fill the top of the table with fruits,flower pot..etc

note:if any problem making this then write below.

(do you want me to invent something else like chairs etc for the suite..then write below what you want me to make in the next post....i will try my best for it..i promise)

so did this post help u??


  1. look so creative thanks for the idea oi want to be the hot follower of the day and a writer i have lot of ideas please joanne!!!