Friday, August 20, 2010


superstars have access to soo many beautiful beds on stardoll,but non-superstars hardly have any options i came up with an amazing bed for you beautiful it goes...
wondering how do i get the following things?
1)for the mattress=go to suite shop>then click search>select bed icon>search>on the first page(choose any of the three mattress)
2)for the pillows=go to suite shop>then click search>select textiles icon>search>choose any pillow.
3)for the black box=go to suite shop>then click search>select storage icon>search>you will find it on the first page.
what should i do once i buy the stuff?
just look at the second part of the picture and work accordingly.
>you can use two mattress for making it look awesome .like i have done above.
>you can use different and amazing pillows and add soft-toys too.

so did this post help you?

note:if you have any problem making this then write below.
"i will be happy to help you"!


  1. this is great
    i bet followers who are non ss are waiting for more tips

  2. yeaaah..I'm waiting for more tipS..but I can't uSe those tips this month because I haven't and earn..?? noo I haven't money

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  4. thanks, hope you make more of these tips, maybe make like something where you do a lot of them! I can't wait. Wish I could've thought of that!

  5. aww ..thanx guys...yup m overflowing with ideas ..just wait nd watch kool things cummin up 4u beautiful stardolls.. :)

  6. Like that.. so cheap and so good ;D

  7. OMG! This is awesome!! So creative!!

  8. I've seen that before, and luved it! heheee