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Im looking for more Active Writers for my Blogs The Stardoll Society and The Fashionable stardoll so i decide to do a comp. To enter on this comp you must know how to write in english and be creative. You have to write something about you, Fashion for example or anything else. I want to see interesting texs and well written.

Can enter Superstars or Non-Superstars

The prize is:
135 stardollars for superstars
or a code for non-superstars of 135stardollars

The dealine date is 21 of august

There must be 30 persons on this comp or i cancel the comp

You must be a follower of my Blogs

You must be a member of my Club VIP-DOLLS

UPDATE: You can send yours texts to this email below:

Good lucky


  1. Ugh.... so unfair! Im already a writer! Can i still join though for thefashionablestardoll?????

  2. Unfair why, i do many comps Paullie, u have right now a comp on my other blog, The Moxie Tenz dres up comp, u have da week raffle, da month raffle and im goin to evem mor comps so join them u never know if u be da next winner.

  3. @filipinhamaria yes, true! I'll check on them now.. :)

  4. I want to join!!!! Can i join?

  5. i want to join really interesting thing thank you xoxoxo

  6. i'm already a follower of your blog and now i'm a member of you club i gonna prepared a good text for thr comp good luck for all

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  8. Hey Anne,I luv english...Im soo interested in it...Just inform me when u get started!

  9. Heya,
    I am new to this blog, but not to SD..!
    I am a follow of both your blogs..
    And I have sent a membership request for your club.
    So I think I can enter.
    I am littlegirlhot on Stardoll.
    I am from India.
    I am a Stardoll Addict.
    I am a non-ss most of the time, but still love it.
    My fashion sense well...
    I like Chanel, Prada, DKNY and many others.
    I have my own succesful club on Stardoll..!
    Well thats all!

    Luv Ya,

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  11. Okay, I'm in :) I'll just send you the text in message on stardoll.But what should I write for start?
    Anyway, I'm looking a writers for my blog too so, if u want to be, just send me a request on Maca_Kiss and tell me, okay? :)
    xx, Maca_Kiss

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  14. hey Flipia, question:

    Even though I am a writer for this blog, can I still sign up for a writer for your other blog?

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  17. Hey! This is superstarkaren4! I want to be a writer on the blog because I can help anyone with anything for example design tips,free things,club advertisements,fashion tips,how to change styles in stardoll and in real life,finding out what somebody means if they speak a different language!
    I'm going to talk about myself now...
    My name is Karen. I am 12 years old and I have loved fashion ever since I have seen clothes!If you don't like what you're wearing right now.. Try a bunch of outfits on until you find the right look! Try going to the beauty parlor first so you can find a look to go with your hair and accessories!! When you are designing clothes on Stardoll find the right type of fabric for your design!!! Color that pops out will get more votes!! Fashion is something you can have and wear!! It doesn't matter if it looks good or not! Fashion is art and art is a passion!! If you don't have anything to wear try your own style if you can't follow the trend!!! Be fun and colorful if you can't be trendy!!

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  19. hi everyone ! i'm flower of the stardoll society blog and the fashionable stardoll too ,my name's selena and you can call me s.g.65 or what ever you like !! i love fashion , i love design and i love read :D
    i speak 4 languages :
    English , French , Spanish and Arabic !!
    i will write everything about stardoll fashion
    i have already my blog " " check out !!
    i always watch news of blogs ...
    i'm already a member of vip-dolls
    so now i will talk of fashion
    fashion mean the person style , emo , rock , pink style ... there are many styles
    so in the closet of rock person we find :
    -black and red clothes
    -so narrow
    that example !! in my closet i find every thing i like i find :
    - expensive dress " yves saint laurent " " versace "
    - cute tops : " hello ketty " " louis " " just cavali"
    - bags : " dolice gabana " " louis vitton "

    - shoes : " pucci " " piere cardin" ...
    all that i find it in my closet and i find it in stardoll too !!
    that why i love stardoll , the fashionable web
    fashion mean who are you !!
    fashion put it all on me !! don't you want to see these clothes on me
    fashion put it all on me
    i'm anyone you ant to be
    xoxo s.g.65

  20. HI ! i really want to be a writer for the two AMAZING blogs because i can help people by giving them tips free things and fashion tips, and so much more . i go on stardoll, stardoll society and The Fashionable stardoll 24/7 . i know english :DDD and im filipino :DD i could speak french english spanish tagalog and Pampango, (one of philippines recognized language) im already a member of vip-dolls . i am non-superstar . i design LE , Channel , twilight , and other .

    I have collections of bags . guess , channel , D&G, Ming , Addidas , Lacoste , Calvin Klein , Furla , Gucci , Michael Kors , Louis Vuitton and soo much more.

    I Love Shoes .

    Fashion , i love fashion more than anything in the world . well exept for my family. my friend and i designs clothes dresses , we have bought our own sewing machines and fabrics . we have designed belts jeans and shorts and a lot of tops .

    <3 trish620

  21. Hello everyone i'm hanae785 i want be a writer of those amazing blogs i can speak french arabic english USA and British english also spanish and a little germaneese i'm already a follower of the stardoll society blog and fashionable stardoll blog and i'm also a member for VIP_Dolls
    i have a blog too it is in frensh language.I gonna talking about fashion now and what is fashion for me
    Fashion is a term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by most of people of a country. A fashion usually remains popular for about 1-3 years and then is replaced by yet another fashion. Even though there are a lot of changes in fashion, most people do not easily except the changes.A clothing style may be introduced as a fashion, but its use becomes a custom after being handed down from generation to generation. A fashion that comes and goes is called a Fad.Clothing can be decorated or designed with all types of images and colors. The designs can either be embroidered onto the fabric, woven on to the fabric, silk screened, or ironed onto the fabric to create a desired look.For me fashion is a place where you can describe your self you personality and your imagination and if you have a style you have a talent so you can show the people who you are.
    i want be a follower of the day be active is fantasitic lol

  22. I'm sorry, I'm really confused after reading the comments!!
    Should I write a blog piece or should I write paragraphs about myself [like the followers above!]???
    Thanks! [and sorry for being annoying!]

  23. @hanae785 : ho many times did you delete your write and make a new one ?? lol XD

  24. Just give me a yell when you want me to do my entry

  25. Members: The contest is updated, you can now send your entries to filipa's email,

    good luck everyone!

  26. ok joanne thank you for the news

  27. selena.g.65: i'm delete one post cause is not important thing just an information not for the competition XD

  28. Hi ! This is AlphaRhea I want to be a great writer for your blog becuuz i really want to help u in your contests, entertainment, etc. to your purpose with this blog because I'm not a quitter or a lazy ! I know it sounds ridiculous to your eyes but to let you know that I am not like other girls who tell you to do everything possible to help you and leave you after! not me I'm not like these girls !! I will do my best to help you because you're the best owner and of course joanne! I can speak English but not too much because I'm only 13 years and there are still many years ahead of me to learn! But I have my brothers, my parents and also the translator for that! So do not worry about it! I'm here with you! If you accept me would be a great and wonderful honor for me because I would like to know a little! I love Stardoll, I play almost all day so I will not worry every day in your blog to monitor and also put new items! I will do my best to ensure that articles are full color and also that there have one to copy! So I think I told you everything! If I do not win this competition I put myself but I am unhappy because it is you never know and I understand if you do not accept me!

    Bizzz ! AlphaRhea

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  30. What should I write? Please reply :)
    mannareya <-- (Thats my stardoll username)

  31. I wanna be a writer, i have follow your blogs, and join your club. but im not a member of your club.. please make me member of your club, so I can join this comp. thanks

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  34. Hi!
    I am Vicki95 on stardoll,I want to be a writer for one of these bloggs. I'm very creative on everything i like to blog alot thats why im signing up for these comps right here, as I said I love to blog and I am very active here on stardoll and i would be very active on the writing to. I want to be a writer for this club because its fun to write on blogs AND i take this uoppertunity Seriously. I think you will not get dissapointed, I am on stardoll alot, because i love fashion, and stardoll is the right place to be if you love fashion, I have been on stardoll since 2006 so i know alot about stardoll and so on. i can blog about everything you want, to me it does not matter, i love all kind of writing! I think i will be a good writer because i will help alot with everything also if it is something hard to do , ill do it ofcourse!

    I speak Swedish and English fluently, and i am very good at write in english,

    I can help with everything, tips , help, Fashion and so on!
    I'm already a member of vip-dolls and a Follower on the blogs.

    I read alot of blogs in real life and in stardoll, so i know how it works.

    I love fashion and have done so long now. I love to read fashion bloggers and looking at the catwalk clothes. Fashion is how popular any time. I love to style and design the clothes and models. I love to put make-up at people. im very good at it, i have a great hand lol. Dance and Fashion are my passion. i love to shop clothes and then weat them and put accesories and so on to make it fashionable. accesories for me is a must in any outfit of mine. i like to desig clothes thats why i have a blog that i post my work there.
    I like the brands chanel edhardy versace crystal rock clothing line,
    ..... Alexander McQueem Alexander Wang,And more.
    Dresses is my favorit garment, and shoes!
    this is my entry for the writer competition! Ofcourse i hope i get choosed and i take this ouppertunity seriously , and i think you will not get dissapointed!
    xoxo vicki95

  35. i would love to be a writer for ur blog, cause i love stardoll and i'm always online on stardoll! i write good english and i also have a blog so i have some experience!

  36. Hai Everyone,
    I am Not new To This Blog,
    I Visit Here Everyday And Try To Comment
    And I Was Hoping to enter this Comp
    I am LadyGaGaFan1lil From Stardoll.
    I am a Stardoll Addict For Sure! 100%
    I am a non-ss, but still love it. xD
    My Favorite Stores Are Antidote And LE
    I Check ALL Your Posts
    Best Of Luck To All Who Enters

    xD LadyGaGaFan1lil

  37. Good luck to the others because I know I'll lose and I would not be the lucky who will win the spot as a writer!

  38. @thestardollsoceityFR-never say u're gonna lose before u even know the results...u might get in the top..!! :-D

  39. My name is AnnGurl. I would love to be the writer because i have lots of news, glitches and how to get free stuff!! I can share some information where i came from and the culture. I have some fashion tips and designer tips. I have been on stardoll since 2010. Thanks to Joanne!! I was hot follower of the day since August 9,2010. I was so happy!!

    Languages: filipino and English (lots of English)

    My REAL name is Anne. I live in the Philippines. We are going to move to the United States next week. So, I'm going to meet some new friends. I love to draw. I draw Anime, Manga, Taylor Swift and so much more. I also love to dance. I dance ballet,hip-hop,modern and latin. I also take Private classes. I love to spend some time with my family and friends.

    I love to write in blogs. When i have my free time, I ALWAYS go to this blog.

    Writing is my passion. I write lots of stories about the history of the Philippines and the arts.

    It will be an honor if i become a writer..


  40. I'm in! I just want to be popular, or just a writer, it's ok! Here, I'll tell about myself...

    Hey! This is me ms.inspiring from Stardoll, and my real name is Shafira. I want to be a writer of your blog(s), so I entering this comp. I never be a blog writer before, but when I look at your blog(s), I think I have to share what I feel. So, I created a blog. And now, my blog is active. I share it with my friends, my sister, and my cousin.

    Okay, I will tell about myself. My name is Shafira, I live in Indonesia, a beautiful country, I think. So, I'm still 12, but this year, on November, 14th, i will be 13 :D So, dont forget the gift! LOL.. No no.. Dont think about it.. I'm just kidding XD
    Yeah, I'm a humorous person. Some people tell me like that. And I like watching humor show. I am in Junior High School.. And I love FASHION! YEAH!! I love fashion.. I have a Looklet user, and the designs are pretty cool, I think.. But now I dont like looklet, because the LOADING IS TOO MUCH LONGER!! lol.. You know, many peoples don't like waiting... Except waiting someone who tell 'I LOVE YOU' xoxo....

    Hmm I like doing make up in stardoll but im not professional.. So, i didn't tell it. I like writing, designing, playing piano, and many more. But I dont like reading and politics D:

    Maybe that's all for my entry. I will write more if I be a writer of your blogs :D Oh, don't forget to check my entry at your club, Herve Leger entry.. My user is ms.inspiring.. And sorry for disturbing spaces :P Bye,


  41. hello my name is catherine, Do they design techniques in stardoll?

  42. when is the result...its alerdy 21st august