Sunday, August 1, 2010

Style like the Stars!

Have you ever wanted to get the look of a famous star? Well here are some looks that can give you a star makeover!
1) Beyonce
The left image is a superstar outfit, the right one is a completely non superstar outfit.
1.The superstar Outfit:
Fudge Eiffel tower tank 10$

Archive Denim shorts 4$

Rio strappy Heals 9$

Voile shania hat 4$ (non superstar)

Total: 27$
2.The non-superstar Outfit:
Stardoll V neck tank 2$
Rio Denim shorts 4$

Folk Lace up wood platform 4$

Voile shania hat 4$

Total: 14$
Have you noticed that the shoes look exactly the same? Well the superstar ones are from RIO and they cost 9$, While the non-superstar are 4$ and are from Folk. Isn't it better to buy the non-superstar ones?
2) Californiagirl-ication
California girls we're undeniable, fine, fresh, fierce we got it unlocked... La,la,la..
Oh sorry, i just love this song hehe :D
To get this look you need to be as colorful as possible, Its summer, isn't it? I think basics is the best shop for this look, Since its cheap and very colorful :D All you need is shorts, bags, bikinis, flip-flops, and DON'T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN! :D Yes,i almost forgot, you can visit Splash swimwear for cute bikinis, but make sure they are colorful!
You can try different hair colors, Make your hair wild! Use Highlights, Pink, Yellow, green...Try out every color you have! Believe me, with California girl style, any hair color matches, if its colorful :)
Have fun trying out the fun possibilities!

Thats all for today! Tune in with The Stardoll Society tomorrow for new Star Looks!
xoxo, Emma