Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moxie Teens store coming?!

Here are some spoilers(thanks to for the pictures!)
Does anyone want to buy from here?! What do you like?! How much should it cost?! SS or Non ss?! Lets see if we will be correct!


  1. I think that they should be non ss and not over 10-12 stardollars! I might buy some shoes, but I think they are too, dunno how to describe!

  2. The Dolls Are actually released but only us members can see it , for more information and for the links , you can check out my blog :

  3. I saw and Moxie girls -dress up games.. I really love that clothes,, I hope I'll be cheaper than Tribute clothes.. I'm suree :D

  4. thet is clothes from sposnors doll's !!! i know!!!

  5. omg i can't wait i want to see the clothes right now!
    i'm so excited :DDD

  6. yes... you can only get them from USA!

  7. :[ I am not from U.S.A I wish that i was could be in U.S.A For get them ;[

  8. I know how to get them :

    Go to search
    then pick red blue and pink
    let it search
    after that look for the Clothes

    p.s. Its their saw it today and usa members only have a shop for it