Sunday, August 1, 2010

From Stardoll to stylein

Hey there!
First of all, im sorry I haven't been posting tooo much in the last few days, but I am thinking of not going on stardoll that much anymore... I will of course carry on posting here like mad, just not that often you know?!

But there has been nothing interesting happening on stardoll, so I thought I could compare some stuff from stylein(store) to the one onstardoll!
These shoes are the real life ones to the dress, the dress you can only get in white though!

Pallie xox


  1. I love in the black boots, wish I could have them in real life

  2. Them Boots Don't Match Her White Dress!
    But I Love The Outfits.

  3. Hate the orange dress both on stardoll and real life. Love the white dress in real life, not stardoll. Love the blue dress both on stardoll and in real life!