Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Callie.Stardoll -Covergirl?!

So i was reading the posts about covergirls that Joanne and Pallie have posted, and i went on stardoll to check that out.. I went to the CG list, and guess what.. Callie.Stardoll covergirl... Again... Last time i thought that its a glitch, but its not fair! Voting for Callie should not be allowed. While some girls spend money and time for brodcasts and everything, Stardoll's ADMIN gets covergirl?
These days Stardoll is just a Money Grabbing ass. (sorry for bad language but sometimes, i just haven't got words to describe things. haha)
Comment and tell me what you think!
Is it fair?
Is it not?
I want to hear what you think about it.


  1. omg! its so unfair... stardoll now is so unfair.. :(

  2. Of course this is unfair! Its not just unfair, its SOOO unfair!
    Like seriously... i totally agree with you that these days stardoll is just a money grabbing ass!
    Superstar upgrade is expensive. Those girls spend their money on broadcasts and dont get nothing, while this callie.stardoll is covergirl! doh.

  3. It really is unfair to all of girls who are spending their time and money and then something like this happens.. Really unfair.. :(


  4. this is shit! ss membership is expensive!!! I don't even think she even pays to be a ss!!!!!!!!
    and she does nothing to be cg oh wait she visits EVERYONE!ugh stardoll admin

  5. this is so lame and so unfair, there are girls who have spent over 1000 stardollars and ..Callie gets coveergirl?

    so lame!

  6. I agree with you girls ..
    Other dolls give more than 3000sd for Broadcasting .. and what.. Callie Won..
    It's so UNfair.. and I thinks -we must obtest stardoll that No more girls from stardoll staff can be CG...

  7. This is totally unfair!!!
    But I'm not surprised....
    Anyway, stardoll is getting strange last few weeks...:(

  8. Pff, WTF is that?~
    I agree with everyone.
    Really... What's happening here?
    An admin being CG? Really it's just shit.
    Remember when we were voting for zaixhi to be CG, and it really needed lots of votes, nowdays it's so hard to be CG... It's just not fair to others. =/

  9. it is not fair....other girls trying to become covergirl..they spending money to broadcast...soo unfair...

  10. not fair!! i don't think members voted for her... i think she used her powers to become CG...

  11. UNFAIR! She doesnt even look that good!(no offence) I think if you won once you shouldnt win again! Give others a chance!

  12. And she didn't even log for 4 days. ._.
    I really don't know what's happening to stardoll. =/

  13. Unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many on stardoll are so pretty. And she's never on. I didn't even think you could vote her cg. And even if you could I wouldn't.

  14. Yeah :/ it's really really UNFAIR....

  15. sorry callie it so unfair !! i lost more than 2000 stardollars in broadcast and i never win :'( !! every mount i do broadcast but i don't win :'(