Thursday, July 1, 2010

New store!

Hey girls(and boys??)
Well, this is not reeeeaaaallly my category, but there was nothing I could easily find so. There is a new store called: PPQ of mayfair.... Very fancy, ok with the money, but still of course: ALL ss.
Is stardoll getting to greedy?! Tell us in the comment section what you think of this new store.
I dont think its a must, but what do YOU think?????

LOL Pallie/Pallie.25


  1. really nice items, totally SS :( and expensive

  2. Yeah! They are ALL nice! my fav is probs the lime green dress....

  3. i wish they could have one of those stores that are not SS know everything is going ss:(

  4. i want to buy, but my sd not support :(

  5. I like most of the dresses, but...hello? 20sd for a bag or shoes? And the blue socks cost 12sd...