Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm a new writer

Hello everyone! I am so happy that Joanne made me a writer of this blog! I promise i will make great posts, and we'll all have fun discussing about the fun topics, they'll be about stardoll of course :)
So here's some info about me:
My name is Emma, or you may know me as super_ema on stardoll. I am a talented artist... I draw realism, anime style, graphic design and sometimes abstract(If i am in the mood though). I also do sculpturing, realism... I have been trying to design on stardoll,but i don't do it very good. I need practice.
I love music. I listen to Rock most of the time, but i also listen to techno and things on the Mtv top 10 list... I like Paramore, Linkin park, Muse, Evanesence, Billy talent, Green day and others... Music is my inspiration, so i put my headphones when im drawing.. It makes me feel relaxed :)
I love using smileys :D ^-^ xD
And i don't love stardoll more than my real life.. Its just a hobby... And don't go on stardoll alot.. I've felt the addiction, so please, don't get addicted.. it hurts..
Well thats about me!
Soon i will be posting alot of interesting things, ex. graphic tutorials, how to make your magazine, whats hot and whats not..
So stay tuned to" The stardoll society" And taste the RaiiNboWW! :D Just kidding, Taste the fun :)
xoxo, super_ema
your new Fun-tastic writer ^-^


  1. :D
    You are lucky :)
    I wish you luck at the job :)

  2. good emma :D i ill say to joanne1305 to make me a writer too :)

  3. I can't wait for you to put on your first few posts!

  4. good luck super_ema and thanks too :)

  5. Welcome to the blog Super_ema and good luck cant wait for one of your posts

  6. Did you see your banner @super_ema??? @joanne1305 is very kind and makes it for all writers, shes great at it!

  7. Yes! ITS Wonderful! I love it :) And i love the little banner, its with an anime character!!! :D
    Thankyou joanne :)

  8. @super_ema: no problem, i just get ideas from the pages of the writers :) i read from your page you like anime :)

  9. i realy .like this you

  10. congratulations you are writer now :)
    please put some posts i can't wait lol

  11. Congratulations!! On becoming the writer!! It's nice to see some new people on this website!!! I cannot wait what you have to write!!!