Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New offer?!

When I looked today the price has changed, but why?!


  1. Its a nice change so everyone can afford..! It happened sometimes in the pas though :)

  2. i know, but before it was 99 cents for € but now its 1.1€ ?!

  3. For us in Macedonia it was 106 MKD but when I log in it shows offer which is 59 MKD [60 MKD] but they lie, I know because I've buy once with that offer on my other account Nice_girl_1995 but I didn't become superstar.And also, that was happening to other girls, go in my club -MusicalTown- find the topic and you'll see!

    - Maca_Kiss

  4. but you only get 50 stardollars!

  5. still its 1 month(which is normally 6 €) @maca_kiss, really?! I didn't know that, thanks for telling me!

  6. I saw it in June 20.
    I think in every country have "superstar-sale" and, it very good? or no?
    and when you want buy SS membership, and you're from UK, or USA you will pay 99cents. and it's only for Usa/UK. So it's better, cuz I'm from hungary and I can buy SS membership cheap!:d

    'sorry for bad english-.-'

    SweetKiwy13/stardollnews*-* team -

  7. @sweetkiwy13 , i not from the UK or US! And I still got the difference!