Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to sell, but have it sold.

Hey! I know, im not supposed to post about this kind of stuff; but I thought that it would be maybe interesting for some of you!
I will be telling you, (and showing) how to sell(well not really) but to have good tactics, so people will buy it! Just follow these steps.

1. Think about what you are going to sell. Is it a (a)Rare-LE,hotbuy,antidote,etc. ? Or a (b) just something normal you bought some time ago, (c) a design, or (d) something you got for free. Now when you have chosen your answer do this: for A go to 2A, b-2B etc.

2A. Think of the price for what you got it: i.e. 50 sd. make the price of the item so high so that YOU would get 10-50(about) stardollars more than what you bought.In this case I get: 60 sd, but the people have to pay 67. Of course if its REALLY rare, you might just consider making the price just a little bit higher....

2B. This depends on how much you bought it for. if you bought something from 0-20 then you shouldnt add toooooo much. if the cost was higher add more. So lets say im buying something from pretty in pink which cost 4 sd. I want to sell it, and to be clever I will not put it too high. If I would sell it for 42 NO ONE would buy it. So im going for a nice 8. If its from 0-20 only add about 2-8 sd. If higher, dont add more than 30!!!(of course, depends on the cost.)

2C. The designs will be relying on the cost of your design. And how good it is. If you are very famous for making designs(i.e. joanne1305) you might just add a little bit because a lot of people will want it. Im selling my "lady gaga" top which I bought for 5 stardollars, I will only be selling it for 5-20 sd.(again depends)

2D. If you got something for free, be careful. You didnt buy it with money, you just got it. Simply make it cheap.

3. Put it on SELL! and wait...

4. If no one buys it, think of the price, should you lower it? It doesnt have to be much. Maybe just 1-2 stardollars...

Do you REALLY want to sell this? Could you need it in the future?! Be careful! Once you sell it the buyer might not want to give it back!
This is a trick: Most people will like to buy cheap stuff(even rares!!-but then its not the same kinda cheap) So even consider making it LOWER than the original price.c
It ALWAYS depends on how much it cost, how cool it is, etc.
People can see the cost from before! So dont think, oh it doesnt look like 5 sd, so ill sell it for 42 wont work!
This is just my most clever way, so dont say to me, well I think that its totally stupid, or I have my way, or thats just stupid...etc. Its my way, and im just suggesting it!

Pallie, xD


  1. your tips arent that good, when selling, the most important thing is to make profit, and buy stuff whcih u can resell later for higer prices, like LE. Trust me, I've benn doing this for a very long time

  2. @pallie: aw, you make me an example for very famous designer, but i'm not very famous...most members don't know me yet... i'm a normal designer only, but thanks for this post pallie^_^ xoxo

  3. @Joanne... Hmm... Covergirl, top designer, scenery, featured in a bunch of blogs, in the magazine?!? Hahah you're so funny

  4. @wooldoor: but not very famous, oh i forgot to thank you in my also have helped me in stardoll ^_^ thank you so much wooldoor xoxo

  5. Haha babe it's no problem. Anything for you. Anything you ask for :)

  6. @vamplady thanks for the tip, i forgot ALL about it when I wrote:) But thats what I think is great, because you told me what I need to be better!