Friday, July 16, 2010

Some stuff

Hi Guys! here are some things I found!(thans to!)
This is a new shop on stardoll, I cant see it. Can you?(if yes plz tell me which country you are in!) BUT even if you cant see the shop, you can still get everything in your dressing room!
Just click HERE to get it in your dressing room(NOT free, except for 1 cat)
You can get this for free if you:
are from Poland go to this link:
to join the competition.
If NOT. Use a proxy like:
Then you paste this link into the box:
hit GO or just enter.
Log in to stardoll
Change the address(from the proxy) to:
Go back to the normal stardoll.
Check in your suite!
Now these are some cute spoilers!
Do you like them?


  1. I had see a persooons ( Superstar) With them . I don't remember good and it's don't was showing her Country!

    Sorry , if i was remember i i'ill sure say you!

    ~ Shantysa my medoll name

  2. credits to for the photo :)

  3. thanks for the info! I love it. and I cant see the shop too.:(

    SweetKiwy13/starollnews*-* team

  4. Thanks for the cute free stuff! :)

  5. @joanne why credits for underneathstardoll.......(bla bla bla) :)?! Sorry but I dont get you... isit because your happy I give credits?! Lol pallie