Monday, July 26, 2010

New-old... Gifts?!

Hey Guys!
I thought I SHOULD carry on with this segment.(you guys commented ONLY positive!)so here is part 2!

Before(when I started) you could get 10 gifts! If you became superstar or not.

Nowadays you only get 5. And superstar gifts, for when you GET superstar!

These are all the gifts you get after 5 days.(not including superstar gifts for a day thing)
So if you dont upgrade to superstar you will always have "gifts" and "money" in your suite(only you can see)

I really liked it when I was new more, I still have everything, only I never got the books.


P.S. Sorry, forgot to mention that I say Thank you to for the whole idea of the segment. I did not copy ANY of the pictures, I had to get all of them myself(so much work!!!) and also the info I get myself as well!
P.P.S. Please if you know anything(pictures, or just knowing) then send it to me!(!!)


  1. I didn't get any gifts when I started :[
    I think only like 20 stardollars.
    That was in September, 2007.

  2. I didn't get any gifts either, but i know that when we reached like 100 starpoints you get 10$, when you reach 200 u get 20$ and so on.. I think that was great from stardoll.. But the older stardoll gets,the greedier it gets.. I mean look how much things are for superstar now.. there used to be less then half of the shops for superstar... I liked it in 2007, now its just a rip off. Everything is related to real money, i mean come on! Its a virtual world...
    Xoxo, super_ema

  3. i joined 1 year and few days ago and i get all that gifts
    Well,mabye it's something new on stardoll cuz i read that some members didn't get that gifts o.O
    anyway, you only get that if you comfrim e-mail


  4. Well its my Third year on stardoll, and stardoll was all new then, so thats why it didn't have gifts then, but it had alot of offers, example you get 5$ with inviting a friend, now you get 5 starpoints with inviting a friend.. It was better at the begining.. Now its a bit lame, cause everything is too expensive...

  5. @monsterblogger, yes, they have been greedier now! Someone(sorry can't remember who) told me that you could even buy ss with stardollars!... lucky! anyway I dont get why you need a pal?!

  6. @Pallie.25 well, you know that thing invite a friend, i think its when you go to spotlight, under the latest dressed dolls, yeh, it used to give you five bucks for inviting a friend, now it only gives 5 starpoints...

  7. @monsterblogger, ya i know what you mean :D

  8. now you've bogged that i argee and something else have you noiced now you only have 1 room in your suite if you join??? Coz when i joined with another one of my stardoll accounts jadelouise (b4 it got hacked) i had 4 rooms (that was a few years ago)and now only superstars can send gifts i think there is only 1 gift that non-superstars can send and that is the cup-cake!!!!

  9. @monsterblogger

    :(( now it is just 5 SP
    btw,how much stardollars stardoll was give?

    PS: I don't speak english so if i have any wroong word that is cuz i don't speak english perfect

  10. When I signed (2007) there was no gifts.. Lucky you who join now!!

  11. I got nothing :/
    Like 20 sd i think. . .
    and my daily stardoller. . .
    I joined just over 2 years ago on my current account
    On my other one i have no idea. . .

  12. well...stardoll got some changes :)
    ( in good way)
    but members who joined now are lucky lucky lucky
    they can be a ss for one day :D