Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A lot of stuff!

Hi guys!
Here are some stuff I saw on stardoll today!

This was on the "best designer" list number 1. Summer-muffin made a design that looks exactly like her medoll!

And then there is a tribute for the SUITE SHOP!
You can get it in Minimalism and it's called: Philippe Starck Luxury Tribute. Who's gonna buy?!
New Luxe! The store isnt COMPLETELY new, but atleast a bit! I really like the new colours, eventhough I can't really imgine myself with green lips... but thats just my opinion!
What do you think?!


  1. summer-muffin designs, is amazing. Luxe colors are very nice.

  2. cool designs by summer-muffin... and i also love zaixhi's designs of lady gaga^_^....nice new items in the suite shop...

  3. coll desings but she change look
    i saw when she was CG,her look wasn't like this :)
    and i like LUXE new :)

  4. Really she did?! Well, you can see here! Is she covergirl??

  5. its true summer-muffin's design looks just like her :) i wish that LUXE Makeup would cost less
    cause its really nice :)

  6. COOl!!! I noticed that about her design too!! And have you noticed that joanne1305 has been in most of the StarDesign winners?? CONGRATS!! too bad LUXE isn't for Non-superstars.. i don't think i want to buy any more furniture..

  7. Well Joane1305 is like for me one of the best designers! They are really great right?!

  8. @superstarkaren4 and pallie: thank you ^_^ <3

  9. I love her design!! But my fave designer is : CrystalJoy :]

    And also she had joined my clubs but i deleted them because i was having to much Clubs :[ And also i had Chat with she !!! Oh yeah!!!

    Medoll Name : Shnatysa