Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spotlight on BabetteCouture

Hello, I am starting a new section of posts called:"Spotlight on...". Each week the spotlight will move to a different stardoll user. A person can be in the spotlight for scenery, suite, medoll, blog, club...or anything else the is simply outstanding! The users who have the spotlight on them, do not win anything except notoriety. To have the spotlight on you you do not have to be a follower of this blog, and you do not have to apply anywhere. I will simply chose someone who I think is exceptional in one of the above categories.

This week the spotlight is on BabetteCouture, for her scenery! She is participating in MelsModels and I absolutely adore her scenery for the 5th task. here it is:

Her scenery almost reminds me of a graphic! I think it is stunning! What do you think? Do you think that the spotlight should be on you next week? If so make a comment that includes your sd user name [:


  1. it reminds me the tv commercial with beyonce

  2. I made one.I`m avril1894

    Hope you like it,Avril1894

  3. Very great. [h]

  4. ah-mazing :*
    i also made a couple of sceneries too that you can check out. my un is jessijenni ^_~

  5. Avril1894 u put leg in hands place ? :D

  6. Nice)))

    My SD username: Saniniko

  7. Amazing!
    i love it.

    SweetKiwy13/stardollnews*-* team

  8. OMG wow..how can anyone do sceneries like dat..wish i was dat gd xoxo

  9. that's cool! it does kinda look like something beyonce would do! =-D super super!

  10. Nice scenery!!
    How she do that.?
    Very cool and pretty!
    Its indeed stunning!
    Love it!

  11. I love it!! I love how the legs turn to the side!! The background looks fantastic... I think we should vote her for scenery winner!!!