Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art in Stardoll

Dress some art ;)
Salvador Dalí, 1904-1989 Spain (Catalonia)
Dalí was a painter and draftsman, probably one of the most important figures in surrealism. His paintings are influenced by renaissance, his most famous painting is 'The Persistence of Memory' - (the one with the melting clocks). His eccentric and original works have attributed him as one of the most important figures in painting of all times. He also collaborated in films and produced sculptures and photographs. If you are interested in Dalí there is a range of films made about him, one directed by Andy Warhol called Salvador Dalì, also he was the writer of the famous film 'An Andalusian Dog' - El Perro Andaluz, directed by Luis Buñuel.


  1. this picture is beautiful

  2. cool
    i think that dress were in antidote

  3. @Pip_lover_anin al dress items and accesories up no now in this section are taken from antidote articles :)

  4. He's a fantastic artist! Very inspiring for me, as a young artist :D

  5. nice painting ,cool dress too :P

  6. or should I change it to something else?!