Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look alikes (The "brand" to the design)

Of course, I was surfing the world wide stardoll web (heee hee) and came upon Stylin store! Do you see the difference between these two shirts? Guess which one is the stylin' store, and which one you can design easily.

I'll reveal the answer on the 1st of August! Stay tuned! Here's another one: This time I made a design close to the stardoll version in the stardoll store! Guess which one of these is the designed version vs. the store stardoll



  1. 1st comment!Yay :)
    in 1st i think that 1st picture is real and in 2nd i think that 2nd picture is real

    PS:Sorry if you didn't understand some words i don't speak english perfect :)

    Nina :)

  2. well I think so: in the 1-1 and 2-2

  3. for number 1: I think 1 is real
    and for 2: 2!

  4. @lovegossip4life could you maybe say(when you reveal) which is more clever to buy, so in example: the real one costs 20 sd, but the design is only 5 so you should buy the design?!

    Thanks, Pallie xox

  5. I think to buy the real one is much more worth it, because you have a price tag on it which says Stylin, not Star design. Because the dress is soo simple, and isn't hard to find or anything, and it isn't expensive..
    A design is good if its a copy of LE, DKNY, ANTIDOTE, which are top brands and very expensive, then the buy is worth it...
    But originals are best...
    xoxo, super_ema

  6. @super_ema , well yes of course your proud, but if you just LOVE the t-shirt, but you dont have enough money/you arent ss, it would be better to design right?! @lovegossip4life : PERFECT idea! Why dont you kae a segment(or something) with joanne1305 maybe?! about how to copy a real thing to design?! Pallie