Sunday, July 25, 2010

New to Old

Hi! I thought I would make a segment about NEW stardoll and OLD stardoll!
This is my 2nd post for this segment(first one was with the spoilers!)

I will only MAYBE continue this segment, if you like it of course!

Q: Why am I thinking of THIS?!
A: Because I think its interesting HOW much stardoll has changed!

So these are some pictures...(sorry if they're blurry, I had to capture them from videos on youtube!)

The "shop" either starplaza or starbazaar, as they are VERY cheap!

I guess this was when it just started that you could pay with a phone!
The lovely Stardoll..... This is where you can see the page which is now our "spotlight" page, and here plain "start"
This is a DKNY shop, it doesnt seem to cost so much!

Pallie :)
Do YOU think I should carry on with this kind of segment?!


  1. Sorry that I couldnt make a poll, but somehow the website went CRAZY and i had to delete it. So say YES or NO here!
    Also, please send me info, pictures or anything to enter in the next segment(if I should carry on!)

  2. YES! i think it's pretty cool. stardoll has changed a whole lot! =-D


  3. I loe the idea of this segment! I hope you keep it becuase for people like me who have been on stardoll since then, it is really nice!


  4. this is cool! I have only been on sd since last year (LoveGossip4life is my latest accound ☺) (and yup, I have other accounts)

  5. Well,i like old old stardoll but this new is good too :)

  6. it's nice but to me...confused =S

  7. i think you should because im one of those people who havent been on stardoll long enough to know how much it has changed

  8. YAY! I guess we all love to find out more! @lovegossip4life I've only had stardoll for a year as well, Pallie was my FIRST stardoll account! I remember when we got 10 gifts! Might put something about that on the next one!

  9. I am on stardoll for a year and few days but i think that if you joined in 2009 in winter and march you get 4 rooms

  10. Seriously?! OMG I never knew that! Still I can't think thats actually possible- people normally have to pay for that!