Monday, July 26, 2010

A follow up on "Are we getting there?"

We are about half way until 70,000,000 members--- wow, stardoll is H-U-G-E!!!

R u excited for what will come in store with a new generation of stardollies? I bet there will be a large celebration, so keep your eyes out!

I also wonder what 100,000,000 members will do to the website??? LOL

Excited for what will come,

UPDATE: Even more members have shown up! Take a look!

CLICK HERE if you want to check out the current amount of members!

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We are 3/4th of the way to 70 million members! I'll update this around tomorrow to get an update to see the change within a day!

Woah! After I uploaded that picture, I refreshed the start page to find....:

It really does change by the minute!!!


We are just about there! I think in about a couple of days it will officially be 70 million members! CAN. U. BELIEVE. IT!!!


  1. EEEEE! Can't wait!69, 529, 366 is the current status!

  2. Can't wait
    Well...mabye will come as gift something free ( dress or something)

  3. When I first joined we quickly got to 40 million, now we are near to 70!!!

  4. the current status is 69,560,200
    Yes stardoll is huge..
    xoxo, super_ema

  5. i checked it, and in a minute stardoll just got 69,560,791 wich is 591 members in a minute..

  6. OMG really?! Stardoll is getting bigger by the minute!

  7. OMG everday I come on stardoll like everyday and there is like 2,000 members joining each day!!

  8. @lovegossip4life, so funny, you click refresh and it completely changes!(but how is that possible, still?!) I mean normally its only about 1-10 seconds to actually refresh!

  9. some of the members have more than 1 account and are making more so it easily increase by minute :) now i wonder how many unique members does stardoll have?

  10. 70 milions soon
    yeah. stardoll per day got about 100.000 new members
    I think that stardoll got 10 milions every 4 months

    Nina :)

  11. 69,589,500
    now stardoll have that members
    today or tomorrow stardoll will have 70 milions members

  12. Hope the gifts will be nice :) hehe

  13. youhouuu =D 7000000 member , no it change in second

  14. @joanne1305 that is a great question, i mean yeah, I have several accounts. I even wanted to know how it'S like to be a boy on stardoll so i made one! LOL

  15. @lovegossip4life, its fun right?!