Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clever little stardoll...

Hiya girls(and boys?!)
I have just noticed something on my spam mail address. Ok this is what happened-
1. Earlier 2day I changed my email address
2. Now I have this email saying, you have just changed your email address to change back clikc this link etc.

Which is VERY clever! Some of you might know that people will say I can give you 100 stardollars? All I need is your username and password. What they then do is change the email address, change the password. And you cant get to your account.... but now stardoll is preventing these hackers!!!

P.S. does anyone have the feeling they cant get "california gurls" by Katy Perry out of their head? Cause I cant....


  1. stardoll has always done that before.

  2. Yeah, it's clever but if that person who wants to hack you or something, un-check that for sending messages about the activity of your account then u can't get that message, u won't get any messages more..:S