Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art in Stardoll

New entry for Art in Stardoll segment.
Damien Hirst, 1965 UK
Hirst is a contemporary british artists, member of the 'Young British Artists' who were very important in Britain during the 90s. He is a plastic artist centered in the theme of death, (he became famous for a series of artworks in which dead animals such as sharks and sheep where dissected). He is also famous for working 'spin paintings' created on a spinning circular surface, likewise 'spot paintings'. Currently he works in a range of new paintings and sculptures.

I personally don't like this artists work, but I LOVE the antidote clothes in stardoll, the bag is probably one of the most wanted items of this collection, at least when it was first launched.


  1. That looks really interesting! Thanks!

  2. I know! How do you find these kind of stuff @n**barcelona?!

  3. @Pallie, some I search on the web, others I already have the information like Tolouse because I made some projects for school ;)

  4. :) you know how to find there cool suff