Saturday, July 17, 2010


Good day everyone, I made this post because it seems I forgot something very important.
Through out the time that this blog was working, I forgot to give credits to some important persons, blogs, sites and clubs that have been part or became my inspiration to create this blog.

First of all, I give credits to, which is the major cause why this blog was created. Its also the reason why I have met such amazing friends like you. In stardoll, we are all like family, no racial discrimination, each one can mingle to other races and that is what I very like most about stardoll.

Next is, I want to give thanks to the pioneer Stardoll Blogs like Stardoll Most Wanted and Underneath Stardoll, they became my inspiration to create a blog like this. Like them, I together with the admins, would like to help other stardoll members too by giving you some parts of the blessings we are receiving in Stardoll through giving prizes in the contests. If without those pioneer blogs, I can't create this Stardoll Society Blog, because I'm still a newbie in the field of blogging.

Also i give credits to some blogspot who guide newbie's on how to improve their blogs by giving tutorials and helping out with the html codes. They are a very great help to me.

I also want to thank all the admins of this blog, half of the prizes we give away here comes from them. To all the writers, thank you for updating us of recent Stardoll news, glitches and free stuff .

Of course, I want to thank all the amazing followers of this blog, you have been very supportive in whatever we do, by participating on Contests, commenting on our posts and chatting with us which show how creative and active you are. We monitor your activity here in the blog and we promise to credit you for your effort. 

Lastly, I cannot forget the clubs where I started and help me gain attention in Stardoll. Thank you so much to TrendyModels club which is owned by Royalty-Forever and the VIP-DOLLS club which is owned by Filipinhamaria. I got my very first Superstar Memberships from those clubs. Also thank you to Wooldoor, who featured me in Stardoll Magazine :)


Special thanks to Lilou4711, the new owner of joanne1305. Although I have already sold my account to her, she still let me use my account just like before, yes we share accounts and we became very good friends since then. 
Thank you to all of you. I just want to clarify with the help of this post, that we do not want competitions of blogs here, nor we do not support leaving Stardoll although we want some improvements of the new make over. But because without Stardoll, those pioneer blogs and those special people, there will be no blog like this.
Thank you so much once again and God bless us all ^_^

thank you "jb" for reminding...:)


  1. Thanks honey for the beautiful words, and thanks for creating this blog!We all love you!
    - Maca_Kiss

  2. Me too!!! Thanks for make this AWESOME Blog!!!
    I always was wanted to be a Superstar and i found this AWESOME Blog created by a AWESOME Owner. Thanks too for everything!! You made for this blog and us to let us be Happy!

    Thank you , Shantysa

  3. Thanks Joanne! as soon as I found this blog I thought: "wow this is amazing!" then I saw how to become a writer, look at me now!

  4. i was semi following stardolls most wanted but i wasn't a memeber but then i found thestardollsociety and i like it waaay better. i still go to most wanted for some stuff but i'm on this one more. it's way more helpfull. thanks everyone for making it. y'all are doing an awesome job! =-D

    love, TaminaMarie

  5. hi joane1305 how can i be a writer ??

  6. joane its the best!!!~!!! BEST! B!E!S!T!