Friday, July 2, 2010


Wow. I just saw the movie yesterday-- sorry for not posting for a couple of days, I'm on vacation with a VERY busy schedule, but I did have time to see the movie. I have to say personally, it was the best out of the three movies in the Twilight saga so far. If you like the series, I highly reccomend you hit the theaters, and go see it. Its definintily worth your money! If you don't know what its about, here is a trailer for each movie; and see for yourself!!!


Twilight Trailer in HD

Trailer Park Movies MySpace Video


And the one... the only...

See it today!

Anyways, I have some other information to tell you. If you've seen the BECOMING A SUPERSTAR video, you might have noticed that there is only ONE stardoll that the stardoll team advertise.... Super_Girl. Many people wonder if stardoll owns it, or, is it just a stardoll classic? Who knows? Even I don't even have much of a clue, but I do have some clues to stardoll owning it... watch this video:

Do you think this is correct? If you do or don't, please post a reply below!

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  1. I saw the midnight showing of eclipse [:
    IT WAS AMAZING! I'm defo seeing it again [:

    as far as super_Girl I've always thought she was fake. All those reasons in the vid are valid except the one that says she could not have that hair when she was non ss. That hair is a starpoint hair, no ta ss hair.

  2. my opinion, yeah of course Super_Girl is owned by stardoll staff, they made that account to promote Superstar Membership, in the old video of Superstar endorsement, one of my designs was named under her name, but its okay because at least Stardoll is noticing my design...

    one girl in stardoll i would say "lucky" is JoannaBG, she is always in the winners list (CG, Scenery, Album)have you noticed too?

    Great Eclipse post LOVEGOSSIP4LIFE xoxo :)

  3. I know that Super_Girl is owned by Stardoll.
    Freaky part there is that.. she even visited me.
    Once, when I just started with selling my designs.
    I have proof picture, I can post it if you wanna :)

  4. ouh i wanna see eclipse~

  5. *GothRibbon- Totally show proof pics!!!