Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spoilers-and glitch!

So this is the news..... there will be ANTIDOTE out soooon again!! here are some pics I found.....
(this writing and the actual download of the pics probs had 45 min difference because I first had to screenshot everything-then find a solution of how to put it on this the quickest way... then finding out that half of the things werent even antidote and already out so yes...)
I know you probs think im a weirdo for putting all these pics on top- but thats just how its easier for me to upload like a zillion pictures!!!
Also- I didnt upload ALL of the pictures- because Im on Mac and my mum doesnt want any photoshop or anything on our mac,(because she doesnt need it) and my computer doesnt HAVE screenshot mode... so after a while I just put my favs...
Here is the glitch-
Arent they supposed to be in the middle ?? We're on our way to the new stardoll!!!
Now, I need HELP! This gos to ALL of the people that know how to deal with spoilers...
IF you know how to find them that is... So, you know that flash website stardoll has for spoilers?! Yes well it doesnt really say which brand... so you can ONLY like guess which ones are which. Is there a trick?!?!?
Right now I can just guess(like always) which ones belong to eachother-so if these arent ALL of the clothes in the store then plz dont complain!!
Lots of Love,
Send me any glitches, any answers to questions I have(like the help thing) on either Pallie.25(on stardoll)= so in guestbook. Or send me an email at:


  1. nice post Pallie, sorry i made a little editing on the arrangement :)

  2. cant wait for it to come out!

  3. @Joanne1305 I really dont get you, you know.....