Monday, July 5, 2010

New: Updates!

So, again, I was searching the stardoll web, and found a couple of new things.

1- NEW ANTIDOTE! I know others posted this so I'm not going to reapeat it.2. New sponcered dolls! Take a look at these, down below!:

3- The makeover page has been updated! Take a look down below, if you haven't seen it yet so:

4- Also there seems to appear to be new outfits in the archive store. I don't know if this is the same for all, but for me, its this way:

Well, that's all for the new stardoll news, but, I have a suprise for you:

By LoveGossip4life

We expect you to find our clothing line comfy, stylish, and just luxourious. You'll find yourself wearing the fabrics like its part of yourself. We know you like it, and we understand the qualites you are looking for, so that's why we make sure you get the best quality guaranteed.
-LoveGossip4life & Team

Take a sneek peek at the clothing line of summer, 2010. Yes, its blurry, but if it wasn't, that'd ruin the affect!