Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Antidote: copies

Hello the 4th season of antidote is expected to be released on Monday around 3 or 3:30 GMT!

I think from the spoilers this season is a lot better than the last one, but it seems that stardoll is getting lazy! many of the items are recycles shapes with different patterns. Here are some (the ones on the left are new antidote)

EDIT: this dress from season one antidote is an exact match to the new antidote dress [:


  1. Looks like stardolls running out of ideas but i like them i like the green jeans:)

  2. Actual, the third dress was copied from The Bridget Bubble Dress (1st season antidote).

    Here is a picture of it:

    (The first one)

  3. @chocolatofreak: thanks!

    I realized the same thing when I saw the "antidote history" post on underneath stardoll...I'll make the appropriate changes to me post [:

  4. They are just copying ?..

    Really .. they're similar ;]

  5. Anditote is sooo awsoomeee I love it!!

  6. Antidote is selling real fast like Super Supreme.