Saturday, July 3, 2010

Art in Stardoll

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Hey everyone! I decided that for my section here on the blog I will post stardoll art related information. Starting with the most obvious; antidote second season, based on clothes that represented the works of famous artists like Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol and Van Gogh, among others. I will post small information about each artist every day.

Andy Warhol - 1928-1987, USA
He was a plastic artist, filmmaker and illustrator. Probably the most famous pop artist as he invented and developed this art. He photographed and painted several celebrities including Marilyn Monroe. If you are interested in Warhol you should watch the film Factory Girl (which is mainly based on the life of the model and socialite Edie Sedwick and her relation with Warhol)

Piet Mondrian, 1872-1944, Holland
Mondrian was a vanguardist painter that focused on minimalism and was the founder of neo-placism . His abstract paintings of squared labyrinths using primary colors caused a lot of controversy. His works are mainly categorized as 'Geometric abstraction'. Fashion designer YSLs Fall 1965 Mondrian collection featured shift dresses in blocks of primary color with black bordering inspired by Mondrian.

Jeff Koons, 1955- , USA
Jeff Koons is an contemporary plastic artist, whose work is classified as a modern minimalism or neo-pop. He uses every day objects with no value and places them in installations that makes them look 'special', this way he is mocking how people can follow any trend given by publicity. He is also a magazine photographer and crates several sculptures and collages.

What do you think about this antidote colletion? Which do you like and don't? Do you own any? If you have any suggestions or want me to post any other artist (even non-related to antidote or stardoll, please comment or contact me by GB)


  1. nice post n**barcelona...
    i like the marilyn monroe print and the banana tee but i wasn't able to bought them, because its sold out fast...i bought a marilyn monroe replica from a fab designer in stardoll

  2. Thank you for informations ..
    Really I didn't know that ;)

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