Saturday, October 16, 2010


hello people..its been a long time since i have not posted suite tricks am sorry for since i am running short of ideas to create stuff for your suite..i decided to ask you all what would you like to see me create in my trick no:8,i will try my best to create the furnitures etc... what ever you people wish for your suite.
so all that you need to do is give me ideas on what to create below and write your stardoll username along with it.if i like your idea i will visit you and inform you about it and i will use your suite to experiment on it.without using ya password.and if you have a trick that you invented then paste the link of it.with your stardoll username.if i like it ,then it will be the trick no:8 by you in my suite tips magazine for the stardollsociety.
note:if your didnt understand what i mean by "ideas for suite" ..then check my label below this post for my older 7tricks for your stardoll suite.
thank u.


  1. Hm I'd like to see a some kind of garden. *-*
    Well isn't really for my suit, but my Sd name is Miura. ~

  2. I likee the idea- you know '-'
    But I've no idea what to createe ? ;p