Monday, October 18, 2010


please !!
everyone help joanne1305 and buy from her
every PLAY&EARN of today should help joanne1305
it's mean alots for her " i know that "

for she still in best designers
and she have a new designs of beauty look

so buy PLEAASE ?? here
PS : do you like my new banner ?
xx selena.g.65


  1. i already have bought all her designs from her:/ Ill buy more if she ever makes new ones.

  2. Sorry, but other people should also have a chance at becoming top designer. Though I do like her designs :)

  3. @jess_says_hiyah hello ?? she is the best designer ever

  4. aw, u don't have to do this, we rarely sell on our bazaar these days, because we are mostly busy in our offline lives...and jess is right, others should have a chance to be in the designer list even though they sell designs at 2sd... it is a better way to be known than spending their money on broadcast, and nothing works. :)