Wednesday, October 13, 2010

stardoll royalty ???

hello :D
this day when i was online , i saw that some daemons on some people , i tought it's MISS STARDOLL WORLD , but truth is STARDOLL ROYALTY

i didn't understand much , but i know stardoll has invite members to join this CLUB
here is the invitation and the club too
they are so lucky i didn't get it :(

did stardoll invite you ?
do you like this idea ?
tell us here

xx slena.g.65


  1. Noo..
    I hate itt xD..
    well.. I'm sad. cause I play this game abut 16 months and I didn't get it..
    I feel Like non ss doll..
    I want leave stardoll :/

  2. @ sudy are u crazy ? you leave stardoll because you didn't get invitation ?

  3. I didn't get it! :( I hope I soon get invited, maybe stardoll treats you like an elite :((

  4. Yeahhh not even Joanne got it ! It's strange !! She's so popular and known to all but she didn't get it !!

  5. I send message to stardoll and here is answer :
    We have created the Stardoll Royalty Club as a new way to show our appreciation and give something back to our most active and loyal users. Invitations are automatically generated by Stardoll and sent to long-term members who have been notable for their activity and creativity on the site. To receive an invitation to the Stardoll Royalty Club you need to keep playing, upgrade to Superstar and build a user profile that will enable you to join this exclusive club! ''

    But I'm too activee :O xD..

    I wont leave .. I was in bad mood xD

  6. I am a member in stardoll royality and have been one in lika 9-11 months now ;)

    it is just 10892 pepole who are member in that club, but so far as i know the only change is the diamond :)

    - Hamstersabbe

  7. lol! Wish I could be invited! WOOOW! cant wait till I am!

  8. I am Diamond-Member...
    But I think Its tupid. First non-ss and SS. And now Diamond? It makes the others fell very low, tho.