Friday, October 8, 2010

Can you Crack the Code?

-first of all i want to excuse me because of me not having a banner, because i have misplaced it somewhere in my folders and i seemed to have lost it, i will make a new one ASAP. Sorry again-
CaN you CRack thE CoDE?
The Opera house Mystery is something that attracted me...
I simply just love cracking codes and solving mysteries.
First of all the gifts are just beautiful,
second, i just can't wait to crack the code...

I think i know the answer to it but just to make it fun, i want you too to have a guess about it!
the first word is '4' as in the number 'Four' (just saying cause at first i didn't even realize it)
the second is almost revealed, so i guess its 'KEYS'
the third word is a mystery, so try to reveal that...
the fourth is a 2 letter word... It must be an easy word like 'to' or 'or' *but still here's a list of the possible varieties of two letter words (just for the fun of it)
the fifth is a 3 letter word, which i possibly is 'THE' or 'AND' *cause the sentence would not make sense without one of those words...
the sixth is a word with 5 letters, and because the theme is about an OPERA HOUSE there are possibilities for it to be 'OPERA' or 'HOUSE' *cause they both have 5 letters.
And the last but not least, the seventh word, which is a seven letter word, i guess its 'MYSTERY'* cause it is also 7 letters...
Judging by my guesses the sentence could possibly be like this:
" Four Keys _ _ _ _ to the opera mystery"*
" Four Keys _ _ _ _ to and opera mystery"*
"Four Keys _ _ _ _ or and opera mystery"*
"Four Keys _ _ _ _ or the opera mystery"*
" Four Keys _ _ _ _ to the house mystery"*
" Four Keys _ _ _ _ to and house mystery"*
"Four Keys _ _ _ _ or and house mystery"*
"Four Keys _ _ _ _ or the house mystery"*
Almost none of them make sense, but, Oh Well, i had a fun time doing this.
Don't forget to try to
Guess a possible: letter, word or even guess the whole sentence, and send it in a comment!

your writer, super_ema
* That is just my opinion, that is probably not the real words, you can replace those words with your opinions


  1. these words i suggest to the opera keys: keys,and

  2. I know what is it! is so easy! should i say it?

  3. four keys lead to the opera mystery?

  4. Four Keys R... To/In The Opera Mystery

  5. today i got nothing and also
    i cant use my 10dollars today?

  6. Four keys R_ _ _ to/in the secret/opera mystery/chamber

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  8. GOSH; its sooooo easy (its the right one - i know it)!

    4 Keys open the secret entrance!

  9. Today's treasure is a shell with a spot light if no one could find their gift.

    Just look for a moving light on the floor!

  10. Four Keys Reveal the Opera Mystery... I don't think that there are four words on the top row because there is not a huge space in between what would be the last two words. Between the other words there are huge spaces. So Four Keys Reveal the Opera Mystery is my guess. :)

  11. Or 'The Secret Chamber' or whatever the heck the last two words are. ;D

  12. Why am I not getting any gifts yet??...


  13. 4 keys reveal the opera mystery

  14. 4 keys open the secret entrance is the code!