Sunday, October 3, 2010


i keep visiting suites and make something out of what the users recently i came up with this idea while visiting a friends suite...

things required...
">"signifies "go to"
1)for walnut plank:DIY>wall treatment>3rd page (its superstar item)
if you are non -ss you can use ....
minimalism frame:search>wall decoration>6th page.
2) for wall omament:search>wall decoration>8th page.
3)for shelf:search>storage>3rd page
you can also use the gray shelf and white shelf which is on the 4th page and is cheaper :)
4)(an other important thing required is hangers...srry i could not add it because my friend did not own any ...but you can buy .the 1sd hanger)
fot hanger:search>storage>7th page

then just arrange it according to the picture above...
you can add your own creativity by using the kitchen glass cupboard doors,shoe rack...etc..just use your imagination... :)

a creative example is below....


(there are many styles you can do but these are one of the cheapest :) )

hope this helped you all..
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