Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can you figure it out? + New Archived items

Its been just a couple of days since the Opera House Mystery started up, and now I'm left to figure out what the clues are turning out to...

 Do you have any ideas what stardoll's mysterious message is?

I did also notice the writing at the bottom of the message was all the words were capitalized for the first letter in each word. That might not mean anything, but words like "To" and "And" aren't capitalized; even in book titles.

Anyways, Stardoll has put up a new archive items, in the theme of Halloween. I personally love the masks and costumes :D

Do you like any of them?
*The items not in the Archive shop are highlighted*


  1. Cool! And i think i may know the secret message! But.... is a secret! xD

  2. I guess the first word is 'KEYS'_ _ _ _ 'TO' 'THE' 'OPERA' 'MYSTERY' or something! And this inspires me to do a new post :)