Friday, October 15, 2010


hello :)
today i was checking mortale kiss and i found alots of news
1 . matison cabin
when i was checking album of picture look what i found :O

look what i saw in the picture it the same wolf in the high school :O

2.the morrow mansion
it's a simple mirror but really it isn't look at the next picture :O ...

:O what is this IS SOMEBODY HERE ???

3.the mill
ooh no what is this ?
is it lucas ?

this is the stores we visited

i find some writhing with blood 0.o say :
1. strange even are near when the paw print appear !
2. wilson stares into the mirror , wolves seem to be getting nearer-
( so that why the guy is into the mirror :O )
3. lone wanderer fell victim , while wandering the wolf kingdom-
4. jimmy has gone astray trying to keep wolves at bay!

that all until now , i begging like the story check out HERE

100% writing and pictures by me
xx selena.g.65

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